Honoring over 60 artists!

Over 60 Québécois and Canadian artists exhibit their inks, paintings, engravings… Among those represented are emerging young talents as well as artists of national and international renown.

Come admire a selection of pictorial works that represent local contemporary art through a variety of styles, themes, and techniques.

From May 19 to May 30 2021
Free entrance

Click here to consult the 2020 online catalogue of works.


Jocelyne Alloucherie
Carole Arbic
Marcel Barbeau
Paul-Vanier Beaulieu
Luc Béland
Marie-Hélène Bellavance
Michel Belleau
Martine Bertrand
Dominic Besner
Louis-Pierre Bougie
Paul Bourgault
Marcel Braitstein
Guillaume Brisson-Darveau
Kittie Bruneau
Graham Cantieni
Jacques Clément
Michel Côté
René Dérouin
Robert Desautels
Dominique Desbiens
Diane Desrochers
Robin Deyo

Raôul Duguay
Muriel Faille
Catherine Farish
Charlotte Fauteux
Marcelle Ferron
Roland Giguère
Betty Goddwin
Nicolas Grenier
Jacques Hurtubise
André Jasmin
Frère Jérôme
Jean-Paul Jérôme
Denis Juneau
Suzanne Lafrance
Michel Lagacé
Janine Leroux Guillaume
Suzelle Levasseur
Yves Louis-Seize
Louise Masson
Jean McEwen
Norman McLaren
Winston McQuade

Jean-Guy Mongeau
David Moore
Carole Morin
Toni Onley
Michel Pedneault
Alfred Pellan
Louis Pelletier
François Perras
Maurice Perron
Jean-Benoit Pouliot
Nicolas Ranellucci
Jean Paul Riopelle
Robert Savoir
Marc Séguin
Richard Séguin
Justin Stephens
Jacinthe Tétrault
Armand Vaillancourt
Patrycija Walton
Robert Wolfe

The works presented in the Variations sur l’art d’ici exhibition will be auctioned off during the auction with proceeds going to the Écomusée du fier monde.

20th benefit auction

Virtual Auction

Starts: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Ends: Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 8 p.m.

Click here for more informations about the auction.