• Beginning of a museum project: creation of La Maison du Fier Monde (or Neighbourhood museum) by the Habitations communautaires Centre-Sud, a local resource group devoted to cooperative and public housing
  • First subsidy accorded to the project by the ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec
  • Creation of a museum committee that brings together organizers and residents from neighbourhood cooperatives, including Michel Gendron, Gérald Lafleur, Bertheline Méthot, Jeanne Noël, Claude Watters and many others on an ad hoc basis; joining them is Pierre Mayrand, a specialist in museology at the Université du Québec à Montréal, as well as his students: René Binette, Hélène Blouin, Lisette Cloutier, Anne-Marie Faugère and Micheline Lortie
  • The carrying out of historical research about the neighbourhood, the results of which are published in December, constituting the first publication for La Maison du Fier Monde



  • First exhibition, combined with a working class holiday: Du marché d’hier au musée de demain
  • Study trip to France on the topic of ecomuseums and working class housing thanks to the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse; eight members of the committee participate



  • Publication of an outlining document: La Maison du Fier Monde, which describes the objectives of the project and its definition as an ecomuseum
  • Beginning of research into possible sites for the museum
  • Depositing of a request with the intention of obtaining a letters patent; in May, constitution of an incorporated organization by virtue of the 3rd section of the Companies Act, which gives it legal existence under the name: Écomusée de la maison du fier monde inc.
  • Founding general assembly and election of the first board of directors; the first president is Michel Gendron



  • Feasibility study with a view to establishing the Écomusée in the former Plessis school; the idea of a thematic focus on working class history is developed
  • Opening of a documentation centre
  • Participation in the organizing committee for a colloquium of the Conseil des monuments et sites du Québec on the theme of industrial and working class heritage; at this time, a meeting with Hugues de Varine



  • Trip to Belgium thanks to the support of the Agence Québec Wallonie Bruxelles pour la jeunesse
  • Situating of the Écomusée on the 3rd flood of the former Saint-Eusèbe school on Rouen Street (Carrefour Saint-Eusèbe)



  • The Exposer son histoire project, carried out in collaboration with Service aux collectivités de l’UQAM, the production of a manual that guides participants through putting on an exhibition as both sources and agents of a project; it is published in 1990 and awarded the Prix publication from the Société des musées québécois in 1991



  • First permanent exhibition: Voyage dans le Centre-Sud
  • Studies trips to Suede and Great Britain in the context of the Exposer son histoire project; at this time, a meeting with Sven Lindqvist
  • Creation of the Gestion de la Maison du fier monde whose mission is developing activities that can help finance the Écomusée



  • Steps taken toward obtaining the status of an accredited museum; the status of “recognized cultural interest museum” is conferred by the ministère des Affaires culturelles; the Écomusée is “on the doorstep of accreditation”



  • First feasibility study into establishing the Écomusée in the former Labiolette bath, on de Lorimier Avenue



  • Closing of the Généreux bath on Amherst Street



  • Beginning of the Paysages industriels en mutation project, in collaboration with Joanne Burgess; an inventory of neighbourhood industrial heritage which permits the putting on of exhibitions (including one presented in Barcelona) and a publication



  • Discussions and studies with a view to establishing the Écomusée in the former Généreux bath



  • Press conference to officially announce the transfer of the Généreux bath to the Écomusée du fier monde by the City of Montréal and financial support of over 1 million dollars from the government of Québec for the necessary redevelopment
  • Work beginning of redevelopment work



  • Inauguration of the Écomusée’s new permanent premises at the Généreux bath
  • New permanent exhibition: All the lifelong day! The triumphs and tragedies of a working-class neighbourhood
  • These achievements receive the Orange award from Sauvons Montréal for renovation quality and the preservation of the Généreux bath in 1996; the Award of excellence from the Société des musées québécois in 1997, the Interpretation award from the Association québécoise d’interprétation du patrimoine likewise in 1997, as well as the Montréal architectural heritage award in 2002
  • Obtain the status of an accredited museum by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec



  • Drafting of the Bilan et stratégie de développement document
  • Inaugural address at the history museum of Catalonia, in Barcelona, in the context of launching the exhibition titled El Jardi Mecanic, Barcelona-Montréal, vides y llocs en transformacio



  • Conference presented at the Maison de la métallurgie in Liège and at Mundanéum in Mons, in Belgium; invited by the Fondation Roi Beaudoin in the context of a campaign titled Passé composé. Musées et mémoire locale sur les relations entre les musées et les communautés locales
  • Conference presented in Lyon during the Entretiens Jacques Cartier
  • Set up of the Écomusée’s annual auction



  • Celebrating 10 years of the Écomusée at the Généreux bath
  • Creation of a donation fund



  • Creation of the Ordre du fier monde



  • Adoption of a new policy for the acquisition, management and conservation of collections (museum collection)
  • Conference presented at San Sebastian during the colloquium titled Activaciones patrimoniales e iniciativas museísticas ¿Por quién? Y ¿para quién?; followed by an eponymous publication in 2009



  • Drafting of a new five-year strategy plan



  • Adoption of programming criteria and procedure updates
  • Adoption of guidelines and a sustainable development action plan



  • The Écomusée’s 10th annual auction
  • Adoption of an ecomuseum collection policy
  • Study trip to Germany on the topic of industrial heritage with the Association québécoise pour le patrimoine industriel and the Goethe-Institut
  • Participation in a mission called Culture, citoyenneté et développement social in Wallonie-Bruxelles, Belgium, with the support of the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec



  • Renewal of the permanent exhibition
  • Adoption of a partnership policy
  • Celebrations surrounding the 30-year anniversary of the Écomusée’s incorporation



  • Participation in a seminar on participatory inventory and local heritage at Gemona del Friuli, Italie
  • Conference presented at Suresnes, France, during the colloquium titled Utilité et pérennité des collections; followed by an eponymous publication in 2015


René Binette at The Best in Heritage, Dubrovnik, 2014. Photo: Domagoj Režić
René Binette at The Best in Heritage, Dubrovnik, 2014.
Photo: Domagoj Režić


  • Conference presented at Dubrovnik, Croatia, during The Best in Heritage; followed by an eponymous publication in 2014



  • Conference presented at Lisbonne, Portugal, during the colloquium titled Patrimonialização e sustentabilidade do património
  • Conference presented at Marseille during the Rencontres professionnelles of the Fédération des écomusées et musées de société titled La participation, avenir des musées de société?
  • Drafting of a new five-year strategy plan



  • Conference presented at Milan at the Forum des écomusées et musées communautaires during the International Council of Museums congress
  • Celebrating 20 years of the Écomusée at the Généreux bath
  • Drafting of a communications plan



  • The Écomusée’s 10th Ordre du fier monde
  • Célébrons le patrimoine avec l’Écomusée for the 90-year anniversary of the bain Généreux



  • Creation of a new permanent installation Nourrir le quartier
  • Participation to an exchange with the écomusée du Val de Bièvre, in France, about the ecomuseum collection
  • Conference presented with the École du Louvre at the Musée des civilisations d’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Marseille



  • Obtaining the accreditation of museum institutions from the Ministry of Culture and Communications
  • Record sales at the 18th annual auction


  • 40th anniversary of the Écomusée : a look back at the major stages in the development of our institution.
  • 1st virtual auction.