Montreal, Tuesday April 24, 2018.- Through the work of artist André Michel, the exhibition Nomadic or Homeless – People in Danger takes on issues related to Indigenous homelessness in Montreal. For the last 45 years, the painter André Michel has been raising awareness of past and present Indigenous ways of life by exhibiting his work across the world. In more recent years, he has been particularly interested in certain Indigenous persons in the city who face urban homelessness. The exhibition is on display from May 17 to August 26, 2018, at the Écomusée du fier monde.


A social commitment
After having spent time alongside the Indigenous nomads of Nitassinan (ancestral land of the Innu situated in Eastern Canada), André Michel makes a project of going out to meet “city-dwelling Indigenous nomads.” The process of industrialization and urbanization created new types of nomadic lifestyles in the city. It is no longer about forest and river nomads who know every inch of their territory, but those who fled difficult situations in their communities (problems related to family, dropping out of school, mental health, abuse, and violence) in hopes of finding something better in the city.


Through his red chalk drawings and paintings André Michel invites us to examine the realities of Indigenous urban homelessness. His portraits have the power to both engage and disturb us; carried out with the assent of his models, they offer an eloquent glimpse of our society. An exhibition that will not leave anyone indifferent!

André Michel
Born in Avignon, France in 1945, André Michel travels across Europe before coming to exhibit in Montreal for the first time in 1970. Now recognized throughout the world, André Michel is an engaged artist. His art has but one goal: to give back to Indigenous peoples their cultural pride and the collective power to change history.

History and community museum
The Écomusée du fier monde is a history museum that promotes grassroots involvement. You are invited to explore little known facets of Montréal culture. Discover the daily life of the working class and follow the inspiring journeys of grassroots groups. Visit the Écomusée exhibitions and the former Généreux public bath, a magnificent example of 1920s architecture.


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