Montréal, Thursday May 16th 2013. – For the summer season, the Écomusée du fier monde and the Association culturelle et sportive de Radio-Canada present the exhibition Croquis 45 – Les 45 ans de l’Atelier de croquis de Radio-Canada. For the 45th anniversary of the Atelier, come discover the works of 45 artists and artisans associated with Radio-Canada throughout the years, many of whom have marked the history of this Crown corporation. These sketches – exercises in improvement and creation – reveal the technical challenge of the nude model, as well as the artistic qualities that each one embodies. About sixty works, all inspired by live nude models, have been brought together for this event. The exhibition is on display from May 23rd to August 25th 2013 at the Écomusée du fier monde.

Illustration: Jasmin Simard
Illustration: Jasmin Simard
45 years, 45 artists

To highlight 45 years of the Atelier de croquis, 45 artists came together at the initiative of the Atelier’s founder, Louisa Nicol. Discover well known public figures, as well as those who are less well known: decorators, illustrators, costume designers, graphic designers, hosts, directors, journalists, and cameramen. Hundreds of men and women have participated in the Atelier de croquis over the years. Many among them are products of fine arts, architecture, and visual arts schools, but each one is a creator who has made a solemn artistic commitment.

A creative exercise

Carried out in order to relax the eye and maintain the hand’s agility, these sketches highlight the technical challenge of the nude model and reveal the unique expression embodied in every outline. Every drawing has been inspired by a live model, and likewise lays bare the talent of these models, who excel in a variety of other endeavours, such as dance, performance, acting and sports. The knowledge they have of their bodies coupled with their creative force serves the artists in their sketches. For its participants, the atelier is an opportunity to perfect their technique and communicate with other artists.

The Écomusée du fier monde invites you to travel back to the time of the Industrial Revolution! As a history and community museum, we encourage you to explore the history of labour and reflect on the social issues in the area. The Écomusée is situated in the former Généreux public bath, a magnificent example of 1920s architecture.

Ever since it began, the Atelier de croquis has fallen under the aegis of the Association culturelle et sportive de Radio-Canada, which encourages the expression, vigour, initiative, and socialization of the institution’s employees.

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